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Masculine vs Feminine Part 3: What Men Want

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Part 3 of the 3-part Masculine vs Feminine series. In this video I discuss 5 things that women can be conscious of that will tap into their femininity more effectively and increase the level of attraction men feel towards them.

5 things women should do be able better in order to captivate a man:

  1. Be softer
  2. Encourage the man to step up and lead
  3. Move, act, and speak from the heart
  4. Demand a man’s presence; call him out on his B.S.
  5. Surrender yourself

Watch the video below for more details on what you can do to implement these 5 things…

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About The Author

Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.