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Top 5 Reasons Women Fail At Online Dating—5 Big Online Dating Mistakes

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Men just don’t understand the quagmire that is online dating for women: a barrage of unwanted sexual advances, unsolicited dick pics, constant streams of one-word messages, cheesy, meaningless pickup lines, and messages that have been copied and pasted a thousand times over.

Sure, men have it harder—women almost never initiate contact, and 9 times out of 10, when a guy initiates contact, it will be summarily ignored and forgotten. Then of course, hormones take over and surely out of a couple of hundred offers for sex will yield at least one successful response… won’t it??

The problems for women are different: being seen as more than a sex object… trying to sift through hundreds of random messages to find a decent-sounding man… not knowing how to respond to meaningless messages that demonstrate an underwhelming lack of creativity.

Then finally, come date time, being really disappointed by a date that just isn’t anything like she imagined—maybe he’s much older than purported, cannot string a sentence of words together successfully, or just simply there’s just a massive lack of chemistry.

Women do have it rough when it comes to dating.

Especially when they’re implementing strategies that don’t involve enough focus, effort, thought, or energy—which seems to be very much a common thread amongst so many of the women I see dating online.

Being smarter about how to filter potential dates, putting effort into communicating yourself effectively and not being afraid of offending some people along the way, and knowing exactly what you want, brutally cutting off anything less than that, are some ways you can massively improve your results, while reducing the amount of effort required to create a fulfilling and meaningful online/offline dating experience.

Watch the video below for tips on how to overcome the top 5 reasons why women fail at online dating…

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Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.