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Testimonials & Success Stories

This testimonial is from one of my first female clients Anna

Anna talks about her experiences with The Core Attraction System program. Anna’s life has been greatly transformed and she provides an in-depth account of her journey on the program, finding her passion and purpose, and how the program changes your way of thinking about life. As a female client Anna also gives insight into what women specifically can get out of The Core Attraction System.



This is a very heartfelt testimonial from Devon, one of my super star clients

Dev went from a resigned, nervous and lonely hermit, whose total number of dating experiences over the course of 35 years could be counted on a single hand, and transformed into the loveable life of the party who now hosts events for one of Melbourne’s largest social meet-up groups and has incredibly attractive women throwing themselves at him. All this made possible through my personal coaching program and following The Core Attraction System.

Dev’s personal transformation has been nothing short of amazing. He started out as an introvert with an incredible fear of speaking to strangers and now embodies his true self and channels a compelling, fun and authentic vibe that everyone can’t help but to be attracted to. Dev now has no problem scoring dates with the women he finds attractive and interesting.

Through The Core Attraction System Dev has developed a blueprint for creating the ultimate lifestyle that enables him to live with incredible passion every day through his love for writing, and he now exudes an amazing presence of confidence and energy.

Here’s what Devon says of his experience of The Core Attraction System:

“I’m not GQ material, but I don’t care… I go to bars and girls try to hit on me.”

“Most importantly [the program] has allowed me to be myself anywhere, and that’s the real gift of this course.”

Watch his story below…