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The Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template

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The key to successful relationships: Know what fish you’re fishing for!

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Are you clear on the kind of person and relationship you’re looking for? Do you have any clear idea about who that person is? What their values are? Where they hang out? What their vision of the future is?

Most relationships begin from a place of convenience: you were there, they were there… typical “boy meets girl” situation, right?

However, what most often happens… and the reason why 1 in every 2 marriages end in divorce, and pretty much every other relationship ends in failure, is simply this: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.

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Why “Just Be Yourself” is the Best and Worst Dating Advice…

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We’ve all heard it before—that most cliched of dating advice ever given: “Just be yourself!”

Yes… and how many times have you heard this and just rolled your eyes and shook your head?

The truth is… this is simultaneously the most useless, but most profoundly important pieces of dating advice you can ever take on board.

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Stop being boring and start pissing people off! Polarisation is key to amping attraction!

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Are you too scared to piss people off? Are you just playing the “nice guy”, always looking to people please, and ensuring you’re not being controversial? The truth is most of us are like this. We’re taught from a young age to “fit in”, to “be nice”, to “be polite”, and “don’t rock the boat”. This is killing your ability to attract the people you want in your life!

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What a woman REALLY wants in a relationship

what women want

Yesterday a client of mine showed me a poem that was both extremely moving and a beautiful encapsulation of what evolved women really want in a relationship. As my client remarked, “This made me think of my current relationship”. Indeed, she has come a long way in under 10 weeks… From half-way through the program my…

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The Keys of Attraction Part 5—Appearance

Post 6

So, I know what you’re thinking… Appearance? That’s a very shallow thing to focus on! That may be so, but I dare say that not a single person on this planet (unless driven by their own insecurities) when faced with two people with the exact same personality, but with one person slightly more physically attractive…

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The Keys of Attraction Part 3—Passion

Post 3

Passion is without doubt the most potent aphrodisiac a person can tap into. If you truly want to make someone swoon for you, there is no force more powerful on earth. All the money in the world won’t make you as attractive to everyone around you as a person who fully lives their life from…

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The Keys of Attraction Part 2—Sexual Magnetism

Post 2

Whereas the attraction dimension of Confidence speaks to who your core identity is and how you show up in the world, the interrelated dimension of Sexual Magnetism communicates your sexuality and who you are as a sexual being to the world. Although it could be argued that this is really a subset of the broader Confidencedimension, due to it’s particular…

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The Keys of Attraction Part 1—Confidence


In this series of posts I will examine some of the traits that most all girls will agree makes them twirl their hair and forget about whatever topic of conversation they were having… In Part 1, I will examine the concept of “confidence”, an often misunderstood topic, and attempt to shed some light on what exactly it is and how to bring it into your life.

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