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Last week I launched my new book The Principles of Authentic Attraction: The revolutionary way to become your true self and effortlessly attraction the partner of your dreams at a book launch event/seminar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Within a couple of days it reached the #1 position in two different categories in the Amazon store in Australia—even outselling such well-known classics as How to Win Friends and Influence People and The 5 Love Languages and also climbed high in the rankings in the US.

While weaving through my own personal stories and anecdotes, the book serves as a very good introduction to Core Attraction and how to build it, and the overarching principles that govern how to create attraction in a very authentic manner.

I am making the book available from the Amazon store for only $0.99 until March 31st, 2015—so get in quick before it goes back up to the normal price of $6.95.


Product Description from Amazon:

Get The Principles of Authentic Attraction here!

Get The Principles of Authentic Attraction here!

Are you sick of playing The Game or following The Rules? Do you yearn to be an Authentically Attractive person who has no need for mind games and manipulation to court and seduce the opposite sex?

This book introduces the 5 Principles of Authentic Attraction and explains how to tap into the power of your true Core Identity that will naturally and effortlessly draw attractive people into your life.

Through embodying your Core Identity and Authentic Character, you can:

  • Take ownership and responsibility over every aspect of yourself.
  • Eliminate old insecurities and social conditioning that no longer serve you.
  • Become the best version of yourself that people naturally gravitate towards and want to be around.
  • Realign your entire lifestyle to one that energises you and automatically generates attraction from those around you.

Andrew Mashiko provides powerful and revolutionary insights into the nature of attraction that will profoundly challenge your views on the “dating game”, whilst giving practical advice on how to transform your entire life.


About The Author

Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.