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My Story: The journey from misery and so-called “Success” to real Success and Happiness

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My life is awesome!

I get to immerse myself in my biggest, deepest passion, live life totally on my own terms, and transform people’s lives, helping them discover and live their greatest happiness, have amazing relationships and be incredibly engaged in their passion and in life. What could possibly be better?!

Oh yeah, and I enjoy the greatest sex and relationships with the most kick-ass women imaginable (in MY opinion of course—the only one that matters!).

So you’re probably wondering how it is that I would be qualified to help guide you on this path, and this is an excellent question, the answer to which lies in my own journey and how I got here.


Although the path for me extends far back into my childhood, a time when I was forced to shun my own identity due to being constantly bullied, the real turning point for me began with me some years back as I stared down a box of sleeping pills wondering if it may contain the easiest solution to my personal torment and depression.

By this point, I had been in a terrible 5-year marriage to someone I married merely for self validation, and who could never love me for who I was on the inside. Indeed, I felt like I couldn’t love myself, and I felt trapped; trapped in a relationship fraught with misery and distrust, trapped in a vocation and culture that served to kill all sense of purpose and passion, and feeling forced to hide myself away—my true identity, my desires, my passions—in order to gain acceptance from my friends, my family, my wife, my work colleagues and managers, and from society overall. Who I am, and what I stand for had all but disappeared as my identity had been chipped away little by little on a daily basis, and I not only hated my life, but worst of all I hated myself.

The realisation that I could simply end it all, led me to the understanding that I really had nothing else to lose, and as such, had an opportunity to leave it all behind and change my life. In the following years I set off and ticked off the boxes in my personal goals list—getting involved in the pickup arts to increase my success with women, setting up my own business, going to business school, living in other countries, and gaining respect in my professional career. I made many surface-level changes, and pushed ahead, at least feeling like I was advancing in my life.

Then a few years later, I found myself once again feeling trapped. Sure, I had it all: the high-flying executive career, respect from my peers, the expensive set of wheels, the ridiculous penthouse apartment. But now I was as unhappy as ever—I was drained from working 80 hours a week with constant jet lag in a job that certainly leveraged my qualifications, skills and experience, but that just didn’t ignite my passions. I had no time or energy for myself, and my relationships were still very much superficial. Something had to give.


So I made the most important decision I could ever make in my life and one that would be the major turning point for me: I was going to prioritise my happiness from now on. I would quit the job, the lifestyle, rediscover who it is I really am and what excites me, and live a life that embraces passion, my identity as a sexual being, and to understand my true gifts and to create a life that allows me to provide them to the world.

After 2 years of deeply personal self reflection, a number of false starts, and experimentation with a number of schools of personal development, I finally understood the two key ingredients of success at life: PASSION, and AUTHENTICITY. By tapping into these two things I have created the lifestyle I want and deserve, and now enjoy the intimate relationships I’ve always wanted. And I created my coaching organisation Core Magnetism, and created what is my proudest achievement in life: the Core Attraction System, which is designed piece by piece to help you avoid my pitfalls and gain the necessary insights about yourself in order to understand Who You Truly Are, What You Truly Want, and How to Achieve It!

This program fast tracks the same process I personally followed and fumbled my way through during my own journey to get to where I am.

The Core Attraction System, is not just a pickup methodology, or even a typical coaching system. It draws heavily on some of the same fundamental principles, and focuses on self development in areas that will transform you on the levels that will impact your life the most: your core identity, and how you communicate and live that in all aspects of your life. You will understand your true passion, and build the confidence that will make you an incredibly compelling person, whether in your social scene, or on the job, and by realigning yourself to your passion you will automatically start to naturally attract the things that matter in life: more satisfying relationships, better sex, a more successful and fulfilling professional career.


If you are feeling like there should be more to life, that you’re not achieving the success you want in attracting the relationships that excite you, or not feeling fulfilled as a sexual being, I urge you to arrange a free consultation to discuss how I can help you achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle.

About The Author

Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.