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How Masculine and Feminine Energies Work in Attraction

Masculine vs Feminine thumb

What differentiates men and women in their desires and needs within a relationship?

What is it that makes men and women attracted to each other?

Beyond the patriarchal norms that have dominated society for centuries (and to a large extent, still do), the guilt that men carry with regards to the historical subjugation of women, in conjunction with the rising prominence of neo-feminist activism that seeks to eliminate the role that gender plays in the broader social context, has, unsurprisingly, blurred and confused the roles of masculine and feminine energies in the context of attraction.

This 3-part video blog series seeks to illuminate the differences between feminine and masculine energies, provides you with a framework to understand what drives attraction in the opposite sex, and invites you to start respecting and embracing the differences inherent in the polarities in order to establish higher levels of romantic and sexual attraction within your relationships.

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Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.