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Find a Hot Date in 7 Days! Calling for beta testers—Free Online Dating Course

BETA TESTERS WANTED!_ 7-Day Online Dating Mastery Course

Hey guys and gals,

Does online dating frustrate and intimidate you? Are you putting so much energy into it, only to get nothing of real value out of the experience??

Are you just attracting all the wrong idiots to you?

If so, then this SPECIAL ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY is for you!

I’m developing a brand new 7-day Online Dating Course, based on my flagship program, the incredible Core Attraction System.

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I'm looking for a handful of COMMITTED men and women to test out the program FOR FREE, to get kick-ass results, provide feedback and testimonial, before I officially launch the program for $297.

In this FREE 5-Day Intensive Challenge, You'll Learn:

• The Incredibly Powerful Secrets of Effective Online Dating

• How to Stand Out From the Crowd With Photos That Work!

• Create a Compelling Profile that Propels You to the Top 1% of Daters

• How to Become a Tinder Master in 3 Easy Steps!

• Master the 3-Step Process for Setting Up an Offline Date

• The 3 Secret Attitude Shifts that Make you Instantly More Attractive

• The 5 Keys to a Managing a Successful Date

You'll also receive these FREE Bonuses:

• The Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template — This exclusive template will 10x your online dating results!

• The Exclusive Secrets of Authentic Attraction Video — This recorded seminar will revolutionise dating for you!

Is there a catch? A slight one, yes. YOU'LL NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO GETTING THE RESULTS! And I'll be asking you to provide feedback and testimonial.

That's it!

Click the link here to participate. 

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I'll give you a brief call to ensure you're right for the challenge (I only have a handful of spaces), and call again to follow up to get feedback, hear about your results, etc.

About The Author

Andrew Mashiko

Andrew Mashiko is Australia's Leading Dating & Lifestyle Coach, and #1 Bestselling author of "The Principles of Authentic Attraction". Andrew created the Core Attraction System to empower individuals to naturally and effortlessly attract their ideal partner through authenticity and embodying their true core identity.