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    Core Magnetism Presents Andrew Mashiko, Australia's No 1 Dating, Sex & Relationship Expert:


    Are you struggling to find that perfect relationship you've always desired?

    Do you keep finding yourself dating all the wrong people, and don't know why?

    Have you found yourself trapped in painful relationships with people who just don't treat you with the respect you know you deserve deep inside?

    Are you always attracted to the wrong people time and time again?

    Do you find yourself having to act like someone else in order to be liked by others?

    Are you afraid to commit to a relationship?

    ...if any of these apply to you, chances are you are in need of a Relationship Detox!

    If you are ready to hit the "Reset" button on your love life and ready yourself for romantic success, then The Relationship Detox is a way to bring light to and overcome some of the problems hidden deep inside you that keep getting in the way of you finding and enjoying healthy, exciting, and rewarding relationships with AMAZING people!

    In this 3-hour workshop, Andrew provides you with insights into the big issues surrounding relationships—why we choose the people and relationships we choose, why we put up with less than ideal partners who treat us with less than the respect that we deserve, and why we can't attract the right people into our lives—and provides some critical tools and perspectives that will help heal your past wounds and set you up for success in finding the PERFECT PARTNER for you!

    You will learn:

    - The 7 major forces that shape what we think we want, and how to diffuse their negative influences

    - The 5 biggest mistakes we make in dating and what to do about them

    - How embracing Radical Authenticity will enable you to attract your ideal partner

    - How to powerfully connect with others to create healthy, lasting relationships

    - What is stopping you from achieving the love life you want

    As a bonus for the first 20 people who sign up, I am giving away copies of my acclaimed program "Online Dating Mastery" absolutely FREE (Valued at $197)!

    About The Online Dating Mastery Course:

    • Make Critical Mindset Shifts

      Unlock your potential to succeed at dating by making changing your perspective.

    • Learn the Art of Approaching Online

      The powerful 4-step approach yields far better, more consistent responses.

    • Craft the Perfect Profile

      You’ll craft the ultimate profile and receive 10X the response from higher quality matches.

    • Set Up the Perfect Date

      You’ll learn how to transition things offline, and how to set up the perfect date!

    What You'll Get Out Of This Program:

    • The Incredibly Powerful Secrets of Effective Online Dating
    • How to Stand Out From the Crowd With Photos That Work!
    • Create a Compelling Profile that Propels You to the Top 1% of Daters
    • How to Become a Tinder Master in 3 Easy Steps!
    • Master the 3-Step Process for Setting Up an Offline Date
    • The 3 Secret Attitude Shifts that Make you Instantly More Attractive
    • The 5 Keys to a Managing a Successful Date
    • The Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template — This exclusive template will 10x your online dating results!