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The Core Attraction System is a revolutionary way to transform your life and naturally and effortlessly attract the partner of your dreams.

Find Passion, Purpose, Love.
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Feeling Stuck in Life?
Can't Seem to Find "The One"?

Discover how to Transform Your Life and live it with Passion, Purpose, Love, Energy, Drive—In just 8 weeks!

The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is a 8-week program designed to eliminate your bullshit, uncover your true desires and identity, and transform your lifestyle so that you naturally and effortlessly attract the partner of your dreams.

All just by simply being yourself—Your truest, most authentic self.

Here is just some of what you will achieve with the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM:

  • Discover & Follow Your True Life Passion

    Find your life passion and live each day with energy, excitement, and purpose.

  • Gain Social Mastery & Social Intelligence

    Naturally and effortlessly attract the men and women you want and deserve in your life.

  • Enjoy Better Sex & Relationships

    Experience the kind of sex and relationships you’ve only ever dreamed about.

  • Take Back Control Of Your Life

    Know what you want and live the lifestyle of your dreams, and live it on your own terms!


So, you’ve attended several self-development programs…
Maybe some on the more esoteric and spiritual side…
You’ve read every piece of dating advice. You’ve even attended a couple of seminars…

The problem is, you just don’t know who you truly are, or what you truly want in life…
Or even what the meaning of life is.

And as a result, you’re stuck in the same draining job, just clocking in and out of every day…
And you just can’t seem to find the right person for you, no matter how hard you try.

It’s not your fault.

The truth is that 99% of people on this planet don’t know what they want in life, or indeed, who they even truly are!
And as a consequence, they end up with stuck in the wrong job, feeling no passion, purpose or drive in what they do. They’re unable to find and attract suitable dates that constitute “relationship material”. Or even worse, waste years stuck in the wrong relationship with the wrong person!

However, these are merely symptoms of the REAL problem...


The REAL problem is you're TRAPPED in your own BULLSHIT

After years and decades of layering insecurity after insecurity over the demands and expectations of others, most people lose all sense of what their true identity really is, and lose themselves in a sea of mediocrity as a result.

Mediocrity in terms of what they desire and believe possible in life. Mediocrity in terms of who they eventually settle down with. Ultimately, their Romantic and Sexual lives suffer poorly as a result.

They die unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

The GREAT NEWS is that you don’t have to wind up like everyone else.

The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is an 8-week program designed to eliminate your bullshit, uncover your true desires and identity, and transform your lifestyle so that you naturally and effortlessly attract the partner of your dreams.

All just by simply being yourself—Your truest, most authentic self.


The results that others have enjoyed through the program have been astounding. In fact, I’ve had clients tell me—as soon as Week 4—that their friends, family, and colleagues barely recognise them—they seem too bright, energetic, and happy!

I’ve even had other clients that have told me they can barely recognise themselves, and can’t believe the results that they’ve experienced during and since the program.

Take Anna who came to me sick of all the effeminate, directionless, and ultimately boring guys that couldn’t ever make a decision if their life depended on it. Now, tapping into the power of her true feminine self, she’s still very ambitious but softer and more engaging, and attracts amazing, very together men into her life.

Or Evan, who after 3 years of therapy was deep in depression and on the verge of committing suicide, took my program as a last resort. He is now off medication, illicit substances, cigarettes and alcohol, and now has an ignited sense of purpose and passion, and great hope for the bright future ahead.

Or Devon who had never asked a single girl on a date in his 35 years of existence. By the end of the program he was focused on his passion: writing, and now his problem is how to juggle the three different girls chasing after him!

Or Helen who by Week 6 had found herself in a deeply meaningful relationship with a very sensitive and successful gentleman from a different state. She experienced the kind of intimacy and surrender she had only ever dreamed of. Two months on, she’s now making interstate relocation plans…

Although your personal circumstances may be quite different from these clients, you too can escape out of the rut you’re experiencing in life, and feel a profound shift within a next month, and dramatic transformation within 3 months.

I’ve even had other clients that have told me they can barely recognise themselves, and can’t believe the results that they’ve experienced during and since the program.



Imagine what it will feel like to be energised on a Sunday evening at the thought of the week ahead, excited to get into work because it fills you with so much passion and a sense of meaningfulness.

Imagine being liberated from trying to act like or be someone you’re not just to impress or appease others, and instead feeling this unshakable sense of confidence in everything you do, say, think, and feel—a sense of power that naturally radiates throughout you and fills the entire room.

Imagine that by just showing up like this wherever you are, that others around you just notice you, appreciate you, and gravitate towards you.

And now imagine being able to attract anyone you truly want that is already perfectly aligned and compatible with you. It would feel like having super powers right?

These are the “super powers” the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM develops.


I grew up scared, bullied, weak and unconfident...

As a short, half-Asian kid I was the main target of bullying and racial taunting in the schoolyard, with so much social anxiety and low self esteem that I would make myself sick just to get out of doing speeches in front of class.

My insecurities led me into a miserable marriage and to the brink of suicide before I decided I had to do something about my life. I immersed myself in the underground world of Pickup Artists for the next 9 years until I realised that lies, manipulation and bravado were not going to get me the women and true happiness I wanted in my life.

But, when a random marketing video serendipitously appeared on my Facebook feed talking about how to attract your perfect customers by communicating your true identity in order to connect with their’s I realised that THIS was the single most important element to dating success, that NOBODY in the world of dating advice was talking about.

In fact they were talking about just the opposite: how to create a false persona in order to trick and manipulate others into bed or marriage.

And so I set about devising and rigorously testing a number of principles and theories, proving their absolute effectiveness along the way through the personal transformation I underwent.

Now, I’m a powerhouse natural magnet

...for attractive women, and regularly turn away offers and approaches from women who don’t match my desired qualities. I now have the women I want in my life—those who complement my lifestyle and my core values, because they are attracted to the person I am within—MY TRUE IDENTITY. They understand and respect me in my entirety, and I enjoy the most fulfilling and intimate relationships I’ve ever experienced. Not to mention, the best sex of my life.

And through the transformation I found my one true passion and greatest purpose and now live each day with incredible energy and drive. I just can’t wait to wake up every day and get stuck into my work.


Women approach me now, and I attract them effortlessly and automatically, without thought, without having to remember a bunch of pickup lines and routines, or anything like that, because I have aligned my entire lifestyle, my vocation, my social circles, my environment, everything in my life to my true core identity, core purpose, and passion.

Not only am I living in a state of constant abundance in my love life, but I live each day with incredible energy and passion, work never feels like “work”, and all the women around me just react and are attracted to the vibe, energy, and presence I naturally exude.

Distilling my many years of experience, deep knowledge of dating, sex and relationships, self-development and insights, I created a program based on a set of 5 Principles and 9 Keys of Authentic Attraction that holds your hand, step-by-step and guides you through the process of discovering and unlocking your true identity, your deepest desires and your unlimited potential and helps transform you into the best, most authentic version of yourself so that you can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams and experience the sexual and romantic relationships that you truly desire.

You can learn more about the 5 Principles and 9 Keys of Authentic Attraction in my Amazon #1 Bestselling book “The Principles of Authentic Attraction”.

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Here's what readers have to say about The Principles of Authentic Attraction:

5 stars  Finally a no bulls*** book on how real attraction works!
“...This feels like a revolutionary kind of self-development, different from all of the other stuff out there, its not all hippy trip new age mumbo jumbo, its not pure psychology, its not spiritual advice…its not your average self-help book from your motivational speaker type either - it feels real and honest and like it would really work. It has made me interested in emailing the author to ask more questions about his unique system and I don’t usually do things like that. A rare five stars from me.”

5 stars  Great stuff buy it - do not hesitate to read it!!
“I picked this up before flying back to Australia from LAX – I sat down just before the flight to read this book based on a recommendation from a friend, and it proved a flowing and captivating read. I am experienced in the areas of change work and social dynamics, Andrew’s story, perspective and presented material is refreshing especially for this particular area working very much on the core of the individual to radiate attraction from the inside out.

The five principles of Authentic Attraction not only are pragmatic but also useful in the real world. Taking ownership and responsibility of self, becoming the best version of self and realigning lifestyle very strong areas that need to be addressed – this is an extremely good basis to move forward from. Read it!! :)”

4 stars  Not your regular relationship book
“...This isn't a pick up artist 'how to' manual, or even some overspiritualised feel-good self-help manual. It's an honest, often raw account of how to truly know and understand yourself, hold yourself accountable for your actions and reach out into the world with authenticity and a true grasp of what it is you truly want - not only in love, but from life in its entirety.

The book is an easy read, with concepts that are well explained and simple to follow; as well as questions scattered throughout that encourage you to reflect on the material and how it resonates in your own life.

Andrew has written a deeply personal book that, should it find its way into your hands, might very well help you break through your own barriers to achieve what you've always wanted - from love, and from life.”

4 stars  This book has wisdom in it.
“Andrew has combined the elements of redefining oneself to be alignment on the levels of mental, emotional and personal expression. He didn't tell me who to be, like the seduction community of the early 2000's, he detailed out how to be the best version of myself by breaking it down into measurable components and defined systems that let me know when and where I can improve.
I put a couple of his principles to the test in the office and already I have noticed a change in the way I'm treated.
If you're reading this Andrew, I wanted to say thanks

Find Passion, Purpose, Love.
Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!

Get started now!

The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is a revolutionary way of being.

And it will transform your life in just 8 short weeks!

The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is a 8-week, step-by-step program that will enable you to:

  • Unlock your true passion and potential

    Discover your life’s true passion and live each day with energy, excitement and purpose, and achieve beyond what you thought was possible.

  • Gain social mastery & social intelligence

    Naturally and effortlessly attract the men and women you want and deserve in your life—socially, romantically, professionally.

  • Enjoy better sex & relationships

    Experience the kind of fulfilling and intimate sexual and romantic relationships you’ve only ever dreamed of.

  • Take back control and live life on your terms

    Free yourself from the expectations and demands of others around you. Know what you want and live the lifestyle of your dreams, and live it on your terms.

  • Join a community of likeminded individuals

    You’re not alone on this path. The Inner Circle community is a place where you’ll meet others on the same journey, and get the support you’ll need to succeed as you transform your life.

  • Gain confidence by eliminating your fears and “bullshit”

    Deep level reprogramming, and powerful mental mindsets work to remove layers of insecurities and social conditioning that hold you back from achieving what you want in life.


  • The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM isn’t just another life coaching or self development program that just works on the surface and provides a quick, temporary fix or high. And it’s NOT a seminar in pickup where you learn to fake cheesy lines and routines.

  • While the program does draw influences from other self-development and dating programs, the structure and content are like nothing else out there, and the results speak for themselves.

  • This is a guided step-by-step process that creates real, permanent, lasting change, and tangible outcomes. It is both practical and action-oriented, and also deeply introspective.

See What Others Are Saying About The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM

Don't just take my word for it.
Here's what clients say about their life-changing experiences on the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM program.

“I can honestly say that this is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. At around week 8 I really started to love myself, and by week 10 I had already figured out what my life's purpose was.”

Anna Z.

”I’m not GQ material, but I don’t care… I go to bars and girls try to hit on me…

Most importantly the program has allowed me to be myself anywhere, and that’s the real gift of this course.”

Devon L.

So, What Does The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM Program Actually Look Like?

The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM Is An Intensive, Highly-Structured 8-Week Program That Holds Your Hand Each Step Through The Transformation Process

not bootcamp iconThis is NOT Pickup Bootcamp

You're probably wondering what you can expect from The Core Attraction System. This is not a typical "bootcamp" style program where you're force-fed techniques for a weekend, then the whole "love you and leave you" approach to training you in social skills, you can look forward to expert guidance every step of the way and connection with an exciting growing community of unique, powerful individuals.

journey iconIt is a Journey of Self Discovery

This incredibly powerful Program is carefully designed piece by piece to guide you through developing the 9 Keys of Attraction through a process of self discovery which enables you to understand your desires and what makes you tick, and then, and only then, are you able to design and achieve a lifestyle that is truly your own!

Sure, I also teach you the ins and outs of social skills and how dress for success and conversational skills that will charm the pants off of your potential perfect mate, but this is purely icing on the cake. Attraction is 90% about knowing who you are and what you want in life, your self awareness and your development as a person. This vitally important but mostly overlooked aspect of attraction education is the central point of focus of this Program.

Your life will never be the same after completing The Core Attraction System Program.

Here's how the program is structured:

calendar icon mediumHere's what you'll experience on the
8-Week Core Attraction System Program:

  • 1

    Core Attraction System Overview, Appearance, Basic Interaction Flow & Openers

    You will be introduced to the program and system, and understand how consciously evolved and attractive people operate compared to typical uninitiated and unconscious people.
    Next you will understand your 3 basic personas and look to resolve these into a singular outward personal identity.
    We then touch upon the Basics of Fashion and Health & Fitness to improve your appearance and energy levels.
    You will then be introduced to the Basic Interaction Flow and learn different ways to open and initiate conversations.

  • 2

    Mental & Behavioural Models, Pre-selection & Transitioning

    You will develop an understanding of different Mental and Behavioural Models and learn how to identify and eliminate your own and others' B.S.
    You will learn how to expertly control your emotional responses to others to ensure you act and show up with confidence and presence of mind.
    You will learn about the power of pre-selection and how to powerfully transition conversations so you naturally never run out of things to say.

  • 3

    Advanced Emotional Control & Ownership, Generating Interest (cont’d)

    You will learn about the role of Energy in Attraction and how to cultivate and maximise yours throughout every aspect of your life.
    You will be introduced to the concept of Ownership and learn how to come to terms with your past experiences and conditioning and eliminate their negative impacts on your life.
    Finally, you will learn how to Generate Interest in an interaction through Establishing Commonalities and Adding Value.

  • 4

    Emotional Investment & Comfort, the Process of Attraction, and Relationship Models

    This week you learn about how important it is to have command over yours and others' Emotional Investment and how to connect and attract through Comfort and Discomfort.
    You will understand different relationship models and identify your ideal model.
    You will also learn the basics of Grooming and understand it's criticality in creating a first impression.

  • 5

    Value & Belief Systems, Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs & Online Dating Basics

    In this critical week you will be introduced to Values and Belief Systems, and identify your own Limiting Beliefs and understand the process of deep level reprogramming in order to eliminate them.
    You will be introduced to the Basics of Online Dating.

  • 6

    Cultivating Presence, Sexual Polarity, Your True Passion

    You will also be introduced to the concept of Presence and how to cultivate it in yourself to become a compelling force in the world and command the attention of others easily and naturally.
    We discuss the nature of the Masculine and the Feminine and understand the vital importance of Sexual Polarity in gaining sexual and romantic interest from others.
    You will learn about the 3 stages of Evolution of Being and how to live beyond yourself and others to understand your life mission.
    Based on the groundwork in previous weeks you will start identifying your True Life Passion and establish your primary purpose for being.

  • 7

    Qualification, Sexual Magnetism, Closing

    You are introduced to the all-important concept of Qualification and how to eliminate noise in your dating activities and immediately and powerfully increase your attractiveness to others.
    You will learn how to escalate interactions through Isolation and Changing Locations.
    Next you will learn how to increase and utilise your Sexual Magnetism to rapidly make others sexually desire you.
    Finally you will learn how to take any interaction to the next level and become sexual with a potential partner.

  • 8

    Cultivating a Sense of Fun, Achieving Your Passion, Integrating the Program

    You will learn the various elements that make you a fun and exciting person to date and be with to massively amp up anyone's attraction towards you. And of course you'll learn how to have more fun and adventure in your life!
    This week we take the insights into your Passion and lay the foundations for creating a plan for achieving it.
    Finally, we will review how the various pieces of the Program fit together and how you can integrate all the lessons and insights together into your lifestyle, and put together an individualised long-term program for lasting measurable change and achieve everything you want out of life!

In addition to video lectures and tutorials, you will be blown away by the incredible value in the take-home exercises you receive each week which provide the real tangible learnings that are applicable to YOU as a unique individual and this is where the true value of program comes alive.

And during the weekly video calls you will have an opportunity to solidify concepts and ask any questions on the concepts as they relate to your personal context and learn from others on your group as they tackle with their particular problems.


Ignite Your Life Today!

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We offer two programs:


The Core Attraction System is an intensive 8-week program designed to challenge your limits and achieve what is beyond what you believe is possible. It will fundamentally transform how you view and operate in the world.

You WILL become the most attractive version of the REAL you inside, and you will find yourself naturally and effortlessly attracting the people you want in your life, automatically, without thought!

As spaces for the Core Attraction System are strictly limited to 15 people, admittance into the program is by application only, decided through a personal individual assessment, which can complete online.

What you get when you sign up:

  • CAS online image 2
    • You receive lifetime access to the Core Attraction System Online
    — You receive extensive training videos covering the content in great depth—5 videos per week x 8 weeks, plus additional resources and tools downloadable online.Portrait• Weekly group sessions and personal 1-1 coaching support — Weekly group coaching sessions are conducted online, and additional personal 1-1 coaching support is provided when you are truly stuck. ($2,995 value)
  • Folder Image• You receive the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM Print Resources in Digital Format — printable guides and other resources that walk you through various lessons and provide you with frameworks, written exercises, etc. (Value $250)
  • inner circle image• You receive 2 years membership access to Inner Circle — The Inner Circle is the insider’s community for Core Magnetism, where you get to meet and share notes and stories with other past and present students of the program. Both online forums, and regular offline meetings are set up. You also get access to exclusive premium online content including additional videos, tools, and other resources. (Value $480)

Get started for only $597 / week over 10 easy payments, or pay $4,997 NOW, and SAVE $973 (16%).

That’s only equivalent to a cup of coffee per day!

That’s just the equivalent of a therapy session, or a couple of hours of paid company, per week for something that will forever change your life, and enable you to have the love, passion, and purpose you want in your life.

The question isn’t so much can you afford it, but how much longer can you afford NOT to start!

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to live life like a rockstar?

Dream no more… This is the full-year mentorship program that catapults your lifestyle into the stratosphere!

Build the business of your dreams. Enjoy the sex you’ve always dreamed of. Find the relationship of your dreams. Achieve total freedom in your life!


And hurry or you’ll miss out! Make sure you are one of the first to qualify and sign up for the Core Attraction System Program as spaces are STRICTLY LIMITED to 15 people.


TAKE ACTION, Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!
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Find Passion, Purpose, Love.
Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!

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The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is a powerful 10-week program developed by Andrew Mashiko based on over 10 years of experience in self-development and in the seduction community that provides you with the opportunity of developing “super powers” that build incredible confidence, passion, energy and drive. “Super powers” that will enable you to LIVE THE LIFE OF YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED, and ATTRACT THE MAN/WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS.

Start today risk-free with our 100% money back guarantee!

But don’t delay or you’ll miss out—the bonuses and spaces are strictly limited.


WARNING: This program is not for everyone.

There are people who are indeed satisfied with where they are in life, and who don’t want to change their lives.

There are people who gain a sense of gratification from wallowing in negativity, and the learned helplessness serves their ego as a part of that—assuming the victim mentality.

There are indeed people who otherwise just want a quick fix solution to everything—that magic elixir or pill that will solve all their problems without any effort.

If this describes you, then this program isn’t for you.

However, if you are looking to make seismic changes to your life, and wish to live life with more energy and romantic abundance, then I guarantee this program will impact your life forever!

Find Passion, Purpose, Love.
Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!

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Still Have Questions about the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM?

Check out these frequently asked questions...


How much work will I need to do for this?

Transforming your life is not a matter of simply taking a pill or watching a couple of videos. It’s not even a matter of attending a weekend seminar. It is critical that you put in the effort to implement and integrate the lessons into your own life. This takes a lot of introspection and practical activity outside the coaching time. Regular weekly coaching sessions last for approximately 60 minutes per week, in addition to the 5 videos you have to watch (3-4 hours per week). You will need to allow for additional time order to complete the exercises prescribed, as this is where the true value of the program comes alive for you!

What happens if I fall behind on the homework exercises?

That’s okay if you fall behind on some of the exercises. By the end of the course, you’ll be provided with all the tools and resources you need in order to make dramatic transformational shifts across your entire life—everything you need to find and follow your passion and attract the partner of your dreams. Just be aware that each module of the course builds upon the others and assumes that you’ve done the work along the way, it’s therefore most effective if you’ve done the each of the exercises along the way.


Do I have to take the program in the weekly format?

We realise that not everyone has as consistently flexible schedule as may be required to complete all the lessons in the given timeline. It is possible to progress at your own pace without great disruption to the program, but you are encouraged to push through as hard as possible, and to not skip any lessons. The reason for this is that in order to create real, sustainable changes and transform your habits, it’s paramount that these shifts are gradually introduced, in the proper sequence and created over time. If you’ve ever experienced a weekend or even weeklong self-development program, you would have experienced that temporary rush and growth, followed by a downward dissipation of the growth once the program is finished. This is because it takes 60-90 days to truly embody and integrate dramatic shifts in your life.

Can I upgrade from the Core Attraction System to the Complete Self Mastery Program?

Yes, provided you qualify and we have any spots available. You will be credited with the half the purchase price paid for the Core Attraction System Program off of the price of the Complete Self Mastery Program when you enrol.


The CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM Program seems expensive, are there any additional discounts available?

Please compare the price with other less effective alternatives out there: The regular fee for a decent life coach or dating coach is $200-$300 per hour. You get at least an extra 50% value on top even before factoring in the proprietary structure and materials or the many bonuses of the program. 2-3 day pickup “bootcamps” are typically $3,000 for a weekend! And that’s for group seminars with anything up to 100-200+ other guys in the room. Not to mention, therapy is incredibly expensive and never-ending (often taking years).

You won’t find a comprehensive program with this level of personal contact or quality offered for this price anywhere else!


Am I going to be able to approach and pick up any “9” or “10” I see on the street?

There are a lot of programs making wild claims such as “you can instantly attract and sleep with any 10 you meet”. This is just plain false advertising. Not only is the whole concept of a “9” or “10” just plain silly—the only thing that matters is what we ourselves desire, not what anyone else thinks is “hot”—but the idea that you can grab any random person and immediately sleep with them is pure nonsense. This is not a pickup course. It is so much more than that. I don’t teach you how to merely act like a “10” like everyone else (while remaining a “5” on the inside)—I teach you how to fully embrace your true self and become the “10”! The concepts are so powerful you will likely find that women and men start approaching you instead!

What guarantees do I have that I can get the results?

Of course everyone is different, and you have different desires and drives, and different expectations as to what "success" looks like. For some it will be to have multiple relationships, to have multiples sexual experiences, to enjoy increased confidence, for some it will be to find "The One". As such, "success" is impossible to objectively quantify and guarantee. The promise that I provide to you, however, is that if you follow the guidance, step-by-step, YOU WILL TRANSFORM, as will your results. I am here to provide you with guidance every step of your journey, whether you complete it in 8 weeks, or 8 months. You will continue to have access to the program materials, and group coaching sessions for as long as you need to feel satisfied with the transformation you've achieved.

Follow the lessons, complete the exercises, participate in the coaching, and reach out for help when needed, and the changes will occur naturally, effectively, and permanently. Simple as that.


As a woman, am I going to see different results to men?

Everyone—man or woman—has different particular circumstances in their life, and the nature of results you experience will vary because of this. However, one of the most incredible aspects of the CORE ATTRACTION SYSTEM is that it is gender-neutral. Although men and women come at dating and attraction from two very different angles and mindsets, they are essentially playing two sides of the same coin. Both men and women can gain incredible value and insight from understanding how the opposite sex thinks and operates. You will not find another program out there like this.

I'm gay/lesbian. Is this program only for heterosexual people?

The principles of authentic attraction are equally applicable across the entire spectrum of sexual orientations and preferences. Whether you are straight, bisexual, homosexual, or otherwise, you will find that this program helps you fully accept and embrace your unique sexual identity so that you are free to pursue your ideal lifestyle and your ultimate happiness.


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Find Passion, Purpose, Love.
Start Living the Life of Your Dreams Today!

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