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What happens when a prominent Dating Columnist who’s been single for over 8 years meets a Reformed Pickup Artist-slash-Dating Coach?


Being single for more than 8 years, it was about time she wrote a brand new chapter in her own story of dating: one that ended the frustration with modern dating once and for all.

Looking at her extensive catalogue of dating misadventures and bungled attempts at finding love and establishing a relationship, it was crystal clear that something fundamental was going wrong and that given that most of my female clients typically find themselves in AMAZING relationships within 6-7 weeks of STARTING coaching with me, I was the person to help her end this romantic misery and singledom once and for all!
…so I decided to send her a video message:

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Find a Hot Date in 7 Days! Calling for beta testers—Free Online Dating Course

BETA TESTERS WANTED!_ 7-Day Online Dating Mastery Course

Does online dating frustrate and intimidate you? Are you putting so much energy into it, only to get nothing of real value out of the experience??

Are you just attracting all the wrong idiots to you?

If so, then this SPECIAL ONE-TIME OPPORTUNITY is for you!

I’m developing a brand new 7-day ONLINE DATING MASTERY COURSE, based on my flagship program, the incredible Core Attraction System, and I’m looking for a handful of Beta Testers to experience the program, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Do looks really matter in attraction?

Do looks really matter?

It’s the age-old question, and one that consistently comes up through the course of my work. A question that I battled with all throughout my own life.
Watch the video to get to the truth behind this question…

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Why the cancellation of RSD (Real Social Dynamics) Australian/NZ tour is a positive thing


Pickup coaches RSD have cancelled their Australian/NZ tour due to social pressure against the misogynistic, abusive attitudes being championed. Guys have been getting short-term results from these methods (yes, getting laid), but there is a reason why this very rarely turns into anything more substantial than a one night stand—despite you wanting more!

Learn why tactics based on manipulation and pushing boundaries just don’t help you form real connection and lasting interactions with women.

Join one of my upcoming events to learn how authenticity, genuineness and yes, even vulnerability, are superpowers of attraction.

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10X Your Online Dating! Get the FREE Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template

The Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template

Click Here To DOWNLOAD Your Ultimate Online Dating Profile Template NOW!   WANT TO ATTRACT MORE WOMEN ONLINE? TRANSFORM YOUR ONLINE DATING RESULTS TODAY! Create an amazingly compelling online dating profile in 30 minutes! This template will help you get 10X the responses from 1/4 the effort.   Download it NOW

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Question: Are you a MAN or still a BOY?

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.58.10 PM

I thought that with all that stuff, all the money, the status, the fancy things… that girls would like me. That they would want to be with me.

And the truth was… sure, they were. But these were “girls”. Insecure, self-loathing, manipulative, self-obsessed and narcissistic GIRLS. Not WOMEN.

Watch the video to find out more…

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How connection creates attraction

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.59.56 AM

Are you conscious of building connection in your conversations? Very strong attraction is built when we go very deep and talk about the things that are truly close to our hearts and matter to us in life. The quicker you go deep you more solid a connection you will build, and it will take your dating to a whole different level.

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The Zombie Apocalypse is HERE!: 5 Ways to Survive in the (dis)Connected World

zombie chase

So, here I am, walking this earth feeling like the kid of Sixth Sense—I see dead people, everywhere. Sure, they may be breathing, have a pulse, and actually have no interest whatsoever in brains (especially of other people), but there seems to be no power of cognition, and for all intents and purposes, to me, they are Zombies. They traipse around the day, noses in their screens, making the occasional grunting noise, simply following the instinctive programming given to them. They’re disconnected. From others. From self.

And it occurs to me, that in this post-internet-apocalyptic wasteland, we need to cultivate some vigilance if any of us are going to escape being turned into zombies ourselves.

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My Story: The journey from misery and so-called “Success” to real Success and Happiness

profile shot closeup

My life is awesome! I get to immerse myself in my biggest, deepest passion, live life totally on my own terms, and transform people’s lives, helping them discover and live their greatest happiness, have amazing relationships and be incredibly engaged in their passion and in life. What could possibly be better?! Oh yeah, and I enjoy…

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The 8 Deadly Sins of Online Dating

online dating

The Internet has opened up fantastic opportunities for complete strangers to meet, greet, and get frisky together. And of course, apps like Tinder have contributed greatly to the lazy, on-demand, instant-gratification hookup culture. However, if you are actually looking for an experience of any substance, it pays to understand that online dating is both an…

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