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Watch the exclusive dating seminar video: The Principles of Authentic Attraction

The Principles of Authentic Attraction

In this seminar video you will learn:
The 5 big dating mistakes and how to avoid them
How to embody you true core identity and become a magnet for others
How to eliminate the bullshit that holds you back in life
How to maximise energy to become an incredible attractive force
How to embrace your masculine and feminine to maximise connection and attraction
How to date efficiently and effectively and find your IDEAL PARTNER

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New podcast interview explaining how I embraced Radical Authenticity


Here’s a podcast interview I recorded last week with the amazingly talented Nicole van Hattem where I talk about my journey in becoming Radically Authentic, and how you can apply that to tap into your passion, find true love, and improve your life overall. I talk about my journey from being bullied during childhood, to the reasons why…

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How to spot a cheater: The telltale signs someone is lying about their relationship status


It seems that the world is rife with people cheating on their spouses and significant others, and some people are on the unfortunate end of this behaviour.

So in today’s video I’d like to tackle the topic of How to Spot A Cheater, and talk about the telltale signs that someone isn’t being forthright and honest with you about their relationship status.

Watch the video for more…

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Masculine vs Feminine Part 3: What Men Want

What Men Want thumb

Part 3 of the 3-part Masculine vs Feminine series. In this video I discuss 5 things that women can be conscious of that will tap into their femininity more effectively and increase the level of attraction men feel towards them.

5 things women should do be able better in order to captivate a man:
1. Be softer
2. Encourage the man to step up and lead
3. Move, act, and speak from the heart
4. Demand a man’s presence; call him out on his B.S.
5. Surrender yourself
Watch the video below for more details on what you can do to implement these 5 things…

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Masculine vs Feminine Part 2: What Women Want

What Women Want

Part 2 of the 3-part Masculine vs Feminine series. In this video I discuss 5 things that women would love more men to be able to do, and how you can do them to create greater attraction from women. 5 things men should do be able better in order to captivate a woman: Be solid…

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How Masculine and Feminine Energies Work in Attraction

Masculine vs Feminine thumb

What differentiates men and women in their desires and needs within a relationship?

What is it that makes men and women attracted to each other?

Beyond the patriarchal norms that have dominated society for centuries (and to a large extent, still do), the guilt that men carry with regards to the historical subjugation of women, in conjunction with the rising prominence of neo-feminist activism that seeks to eliminate the role that gender plays in the broader social context, has, unsurprisingly, blurred and confused the roles of masculine and feminine energies in the context of attraction.

This 3-part video blog series seeks to illuminate the differences between feminine and masculine energies, provides you with a framework to understand what drives attraction in the opposite sex, and invites you to start respecting and embracing the differences inherent in the polarities in order to establish higher levels of romantic and sexual attraction within your relationships.

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What happens when a prominent Dating Columnist who’s been single for over 8 years meets a Reformed Pickup Artist-slash-Dating Coach?


Being single for more than 8 years, it was about time she wrote a brand new chapter in her own story of dating: one that ended the frustration with modern dating once and for all.

Looking at her extensive catalogue of dating misadventures and bungled attempts at finding love and establishing a relationship, it was crystal clear that something fundamental was going wrong and that given that most of my female clients typically find themselves in AMAZING relationships within 6-7 weeks of STARTING coaching with me, I was the person to help her end this romantic misery and singledom once and for all!
…so I decided to send her a video message:

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Why Pickup Doesn’t Work

Why Pickup Doesn't Work Thumb

So you’ve been doing pickup for a while now, but you can’t seem to develop a relationship of substance. You are just getting a series of one night stands and she never calls you back afterwards.

The problem is that if you want more than just random sex, pickup simply doesn’t work.

Watch the video to find out why, and what you need to do about it…

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What a woman REALLY wants in a relationship

what women want

Yesterday a client of mine showed me a poem that was both extremely moving and a beautiful encapsulation of what evolved women really want in a relationship. As my client remarked, “This made me think of my current relationship”. Indeed, she has come a long way in under 10 weeks… From half-way through the program my…

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The Simple, Foolproof 2-Step Method to Mending that Broken Heart

broken heart

So your heart is broken. For what ever reason, He or She has decided that you two are just not going to work out, and it hurts. This is a situation that many of us will face during the course of our lives. Yes, we ARE human—emotional beings that feel love, that feel pain. But you…

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