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How connection creates attraction

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Are you conscious of building connection in your conversations? Very strong attraction is built when we go very deep and talk about the things that are truly close to our hearts and matter to us in life. The quicker you go deep you more solid a connection you will build, and it will take your dating to a whole different level.

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The Zombie Apocalypse is HERE!: 5 Ways to Survive in the (dis)Connected World

zombie chase

So, here I am, walking this earth feeling like the kid of Sixth Sense—I see dead people, everywhere. Sure, they may be breathing, have a pulse, and actually have no interest whatsoever in brains (especially of other people), but there seems to be no power of cognition, and for all intents and purposes, to me, they are Zombies. They traipse around the day, noses in their screens, making the occasional grunting noise, simply following the instinctive programming given to them. They’re disconnected. From others. From self.

And it occurs to me, that in this post-internet-apocalyptic wasteland, we need to cultivate some vigilance if any of us are going to escape being turned into zombies ourselves.

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My Story: The journey from misery and so-called “Success” to real Success and Happiness

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My life is awesome! I get to immerse myself in my biggest, deepest passion, live life totally on my own terms, and transform people’s lives, helping them discover and live their greatest happiness, have amazing relationships and be incredibly engaged in their passion and in life. What could possibly be better?! Oh yeah, and I enjoy…

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New attraction and dating advice book is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

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Get the book now for $0.99 for a limited time only!

Last week I launched my new book The Principles of Authentic Attraction: The revolutionary way to become your true self and effortlessly attraction the partner of your dreams at a book launch event/seminar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Within a couple of days it reached the #1 position in two different categories in the Amazon store in Australia—even outselling such well-known classics as How to Win Friends and Influence People and The 5 Love Languages and also climbed high in the rankings in the US.

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The 8 Deadly Sins of Online Dating

online dating

The Internet has opened up fantastic opportunities for complete strangers to meet, greet, and get frisky together. And of course, apps like Tinder have contributed greatly to the lazy, on-demand, instant-gratification hookup culture. However, if you are actually looking for an experience of any substance, it pays to understand that online dating is both an…

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What if you only had one week to live…?

What Life is About

If you were to die in a week’s time, what would you need to achieve in order for your life to be complete? This is a typical question I pose to my clients. I just finished reading a sad and thought provoking story in the paper about a 20s-something man who just found out he…

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What a woman REALLY wants in a relationship

what women want

Yesterday a client of mine showed me a poem that was both extremely moving and a beautiful encapsulation of what evolved women really want in a relationship. As my client remarked, “This made me think of my current relationship”. Indeed, she has come a long way in under 10 weeks… From half-way through the program my…

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The Simple, Foolproof 2-Step Method to Mending that Broken Heart

broken heart

So your heart is broken. For what ever reason, He or She has decided that you two are just not going to work out, and it hurts. This is a situation that many of us will face during the course of our lives. Yes, we ARE human—emotional beings that feel love, that feel pain. But you…

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Swipe to fuck… (hint: it’s everything that’s wrong with relationships today)

Swipe to fuck

You know the drill: you’re on the train with 30 minutes to kill. You pull out your phone, load up Tinder, and within seconds you’re swiping endlessly, making instantaneous decisions over and over… “Yes, Fuck!”, “Eww no!”, swipe right, swipe left… Simple right? Minutes later “Congratulations! You have a new match” informs you that both…

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The Keys of Attraction Part 5—Appearance

Post 6

So, I know what you’re thinking… Appearance? That’s a very shallow thing to focus on! That may be so, but I dare say that not a single person on this planet (unless driven by their own insecurities) when faced with two people with the exact same personality, but with one person slightly more physically attractive…

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