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Andrew Mashiko is Australia's leading Dating Lifestyle Transformation Expert and #1 Bestselling Author. Based in Melbourne, he is Founder and Executive Coach at Core Magnetism, and creator of the revolutionary Core Attraction System—a program that will transform your Lifestyle and Love Life.

My name is Andrew Mashiko. I am a Lifestyle Coach specialising in Attraction, Dating, Sex and Relationships.

Understanding your identity and your true passion will profoundly transform your life.

I help men and women improve every aspect of their lives by helping them identify and understand who they truly are on the inside, and by guiding them through the journey of building self-awareness and taking the necessary steps to realise their ideal lifestyle and ultimate happiness—through purpose, passion, sex, and relationships.

In the past, I submitted to mainstream norms regarding what happiness and success is "supposed to be". I suffered years of corporate misery and a failed marriage, eventually finding myself sitting over the precipice staring potential suicide in the face.

This drove me to reevaluate what is truly important in life, and what really makes me happy. My experiences teaching Leadership Communication and Authentic Leadership Development at Berkeley and my immersion in the underground world of pickup and seduction gave me unique perspective about what truly makes people attractive and happy in life.

I distilled this into a set of principles that I rigorously tested and implemented in my own life and transformed from my desperate, frustrated and depressed self, into an energetic, passionate, engaging, compelling and charismatic force that naturally attracts the women I want in my life, with lifestyle I want, and a vocation that infuses incredible meaning into each and every day.

I life with an incredible sense of purpose. With passion. With energy. With love. With meaning.

I am here to help you escape the mediocrity of an average existence; one fraught with self-imposed limitations, and lacking self-belief. One that lacks true love and passion.

I want to help YOU live without limitations and achieve all that you truly desire in life. This is my personal mission.

My Personal Mission:

I am looking to make the world a better place.

It is my Personal Mission to transform and improve as many lives as possible, by helping them realise their full potential in life, and by achieving success in their romantic pursuits.

I do this through my personal commitment to ensuring that I utilise the best possible knowledge, tools, resources, and provide expert guidance to enable you to thrive and develop into the best, most attractive version of yourself possible.

My commitment to my individual 1-1 clients includes my absolute personal focus and attention, a promise of unshakeable integrity in everything that I do, and that they receive the very best I have to give at all times.

To all my other clients, my commitment is to delivering your 100% satisfaction in all areas of my product and service offerings, and to offer you appropriate solutions where this isn't achieved.

My commitment extends to my never-ending pursuit of ever deeper levels of knowledge, experience and insight into how to live effectively and passionately, and how to succeed in realising fulfilment in all aspects of dating, sex & relationships, to ensure that all my clients have access to the very best knowledge, tools and resources available.

Some more facts about me...

  • Taught at UC Berkeley

    I have experience teaching Authentic Leadership Development and Leadership Communications at UC Berkeley.

  • Spent 9 years at university

    I have two Law degrees from Kyoto University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

  • I'm a #1 bestselling author

    My book “The Principles of Authentic Attraction” became a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Find out about the book here.

  • Blue chip corporate experience

    My previous corporate life included senior positions at companies like PwC, IBM, JP Morgan, and eBay.

  • Multiple certifications

    I’m an experienced and fully qualified Life Coach, PADI scuba instructor, and Aikido instructor. I also cook a mean a bolognese sauce!

  • My marathon time is 3:48:16

    Not too bad for a first attempt and only 14 weeks training from barely being able to run 2km. Just goes to show what you can do with a bit of focus…

  • One failed marriage and...

    It’s through so many bad past relationship experiences and current successes that I’ve learned so much about what does and doesn’t work in relationships. And what is and isn’t attractive.

  • 34 countries visited

    I’ve lived outside my native Australia for 18 years. I’ve still yet to get to the African and Antarctican continents, but it’s on the cards… soon… maybe…

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